The new version of groups has arrived! Here's what's new: 

  • Members can see their groups and create new ones in the main menu.
  • Groups can now own channels. Members can create channels on behalf of their groups.
  • Groups now have their own profile pages. Groups can also add an avatar image to their profiles. 
  • Group admins can upgrade group members and pay for their Premium subscriptions from the group settings. 
  • Anyone can transfer ownership of a channel to a group.
  • Individual profiles now display the public groups where someone is a member.
  • The group admin is the person who creates a group. 

How do I start a group?

1. Click Create group in the main dropdown menu.
2. Name your group and add members.
3. Add an avatar to your profile for style points.


How do I invite members to a group?

1. Go to your group profile and click the Edit group button in the top right.
2. Under Add/edit members, search for members on or enter an email address.

What’s on a group profile page?

A group profile works the same way as a normal profile. It shows all the channels that the group owns, plus channels where the group is a collaborator. Private group channels are only visible to group members and other collaborators.

Groups can also add an avatar image to the top of their profile. The name of the group admin (the person who created the group) also appears in the description field of the group profile.

How do I create a channel as my group?

Any group member can create a channel on behalf of the group by selecting the group as its author.

To create a group channel:

Click +New Channel
Choose a channel title
Select a group from the channel author dropdown

Note: the channel header on every group channel notes the individual member who created the channel on behalf of the group.


Can I make a private group?

Group profiles are hidden as long as its channels remain private. Once a group member creates a publicly visible (open or closed) channel however, that channel and the group’s profile will be made visible to all of

We'll be adding an option to the Group settings menu soon so you can officially make your group public or secret.


Can our group pay for premium together?

Yes, the group admin can upgrade members of the group from the group Settings menu using a single credit card.

Please note: only the group admin can upgrade other members of the group. The group admin is the person who created the group. Please contact [email protected] if you have any issues with billing.


Will my group channels show up on my profile?

No. We are working on the ability to toggle this option on and off, but at the moment your group’s channels will only be visible on the group profile. For now, can add yourself as a collaborator.

We hope that keeping group channels off your personal profile will help you stay organized and maintain work / life balance, if that’s your goal.

Can I move existing channels over to a new group?

Yes, you can easily give one of your channels to any group where you're a member. Just open the Edit Channel menu and select the group from the Author dropdown.

If you're not a member of the group where you want to send the channel, you can use the transfer channel tool in the Edit channel menu. Click here for instructions.


If I already have a group, what will happen to it?

Your group will become public by default and it will now have a profile page. To keep your group invisible, make sure all channels owned by the group are private.

It's likely that your group is also a collaborator on one or more channels. The current owner can give them to the group by changing the author in the Edit channel menu or transferring them to the group.