What are groups?

Groups allow multiple people to collaborate, access, and upload shared blocks and channels. Groups have their own group profile pages and are public by default. To keep your group invisible, make sure all channels owned by the group are private. You can read more about private groups here.

How do I start a Group?

There are 2 ways to start a group.

How do channels work with Groups?

A channel can be owned by a Group and its group members may create a channel on behalf of a group.

A channel owned by an individual may be transferred to group ownership. You can easily give one of your channels to any group where you're a member. Just open the Edit Channel menu and select the group from the Author dropdown. If you're not a member of the group where you want to send the channel, you can use the transfer channel tool in the Edit channel menu. Click here for instructions.

Your group and other groups can also be a collaborator on one or more channels.

What can Admins do?

Group admins (the person who creates a group) can add new members to a group, upgrade group members and pay for their Premium subscriptions from the group setting