Here’s a quick guide to moving your team’s channels and Premium accounts over to the new version of Groups.

1. First, create a group and invite your team members.

Open the main menu and click Create group. Give it a name and description. Search for your team members and click Add next to someone's name to add them to your group.

If your team already has a group, it will now appear in your main menu. Click the name to go to its profile. Click Edit group, then open the Add/edit members dropdown to search for people.

2. Upgrade your team members (if you want)


Go to your billing page at

Scroll down to your group and select either yearly or monthly Premium.

Click change selected members to choose which group members you'd like to upgrade. The total price will update as you go.

Add your credit card information and a coupon code if you have one (hint: is better together).

Click activate to confirm your purchase. You're all set!

Remember, you must be the group admin (i.e., the creator of the group) to upgrade members. If you're not the admin, you'll need to ask your admin to handle billing or create a new group.

Note: If team members are currently paying for premium, they will need to cancel their membership before you can upgrade them as the group admin. We’re also happy to cancel their billing information for you. Just send an email to [email protected]

3. Transfer existing channels to your new group.

To give one of your channels to one of your groups, just open the Edit channel menu and click on the Author dropdown. Select the desired group from the list.

You can also transfer your channels to groups where you're not a member. In the Edit channel menu, just click Transfer ownership, search for the group name, and click Give. The group admin will have to accept the transfer.

More questions about groups? Visit the groups FAQs