1) To create a group from the main menu

  1. Click Create group in the main dropdown menu.

  2. Name your group and add members.

  3. Add an avatar to your profile if you wish.

Invite members to a group

  1. Go to your group profile and click the Edit group button in the top right.2. Under Add/edit members, search for members on Are.na or enter an email address.

Your groups appear in the main menu.

You can always click Edit group, then open the Add/edit members dropdown to search for people.

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2) If you regularly collaborate with the same accounts, you can create a group to quickly add everyone to shared channels.

To create a group, find the Collaborators tab at the top center of your channel and click Create group beneath it.

Enter a group name and invite as many accounts as you want.



Once your group is created, you can add the group as a collaborator on any channel where you have access.