Can our group pay for premium together?

Yes, The group admin can upgrade members of the group from the group Settings menu using a single credit card. Please note: only the group admin can upgrade other members of the group.

Upgrade your team members (if you want)

  1. Go to your billing page at
  2. Scroll down to your group and select either yearly or monthly Premium.
  3. Click change selected members to choose which group members you'd like to upgrade. The total price will update as you go.
  4. Add your credit card information and a coupon code if you have one (hint: is better together).
  5. Click activate to confirm your purchase. You're all set!


Please Note: Remember, you must be the group admin (i.e., the creator of the group) to upgrade members. If you're not the admin, you'll need to ask your admin to handle billing or create a new group.

Note: If team members are currently paying for premium, they will need to cancel their membership before you can upgrade them as the group admin. We’re also happy to cancel their billing information for you. Please contact [email protected] if you have any issues with billing.

If I remove a member from a Premium group, does their subscription automatically get cancelled?


When I add a new member to a Premium group, do they automatically become Premium as well?


Members added to groups that have previously upgraded to Premium do not automatically become Premium. If you would like to upgrade your new member to Premium, go to the billing page and toggle their name to "Upgrade" in the member list.

What happens when I upgrade a member in a group that I've already upgraded to Premium?

The charge for your newly upgraded member will be added to your next invoice.