If you're Premium, you can replace the preview cover image from the following type of blocks:

  • Links
  • PDFs
  • Attachments (video files, font files, ...)
  • Embeds (YouTube videos, Soundcloud links, etc)

How to edit the cover image:

  1. Open a block you own
  2. Click "Change cover image":

Other things to know:

  • Only Premium members have access to this feature.
  • You can't edit the thumbnail of image blocks, you can just delete and re-add the block.
  • You can only edit the thumbnail of that blocks that you added to Are.na.
  • This feature should be used for organizational reasons and to add context to blocks that have no preview (i.e. video files). Changing the thumbnail with the intent of misleading other members is against our community guidelines. Use with care!